Debbie Jackson

Debbie Jackson is an artist and art educator who graduated from Miami University (Ohio) where she majored in Art Education. She is retired from the Columbus Recreation & Parks Department where she taught art classes for 30 years at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center, Community and Senior Centers. Debbie lives in Columbus, Ohio. Currently, she teaches a variety of polymer clay workshops and gives presentations at conferences, to guilds and other art related venues.

Debbie has over 20 years of experience in teaching and working with polymer clay. Her love of mixing new materials and altering the surface of polymer clay brings an innovative approach to her one-of-a-kind creations. She continues to explore this versatile material, constantly discovering new ways to work with it.

While Debbie is multi-talented, her interests lie in creating polymer clay jewelry, dolls and home decor. Her works have an ‘ethnic energy’ that has a global inspiration from several countries. However, the African aesthetic has always been a common thread that continues to weave throughout her work. She was fortunate to have traveled to Ghana in 2010 on a Textile & Craft Tour with other artists, which brought this aesthetic more to a full circle. Debbie likes to say, “Africa speaks through my art”, as she embraces the culture in utilizing their rich colors, textures and patterns into her creations.

Debbie manages a business, Debbie’s Adornments, as an avenue to sell her original, hand-crafted creations. Her works have been displayed and sold in numerous galleries, art shows and exhibitions throughout the country.!

She wrote her first book, Polymer Clay Jewelry which was published in 2004. Other selected works are published in Polymer Clay:Creating Functional and Decorative Objects by Jacqueline Gikow, Polymer:The Chameleon Clay by Victoria Hughes, 400 Polymer Clay Designs, 500 Earrings, and Showcase, 500 Art Necklaces by Lark Books, Polymer Clay-Creative Traditions by Judy Belcher, The Art of Polymer Clay-Creative Surface Effects by Donna Kato, Polymer Clay-Global Perspectives by Cynthia Tinapple, and The Polymer Arts and Polymer CAFE magazines.

Debbie is currently a member of the Columbus Polymer Clay Guild, the Metro Area of Detroit Polymer Clay Guild and the International Polymer Clay Association (IPCA).

She has also appeared on the ‘Carol Duvall Show’ on HGTV, where she demonstrated one of the projects from her book.

She recently developed a way to make polymer clay look like Shibori textiles and is teaching this innovative, enjoyable class, showing the many ways to achieve this fascinating surface application.

Artist’s Reflection

My High School art teacher told me that I was very “versatile”. With my love of African and Asian patterns, rich colors, surface design and mixing media confirms that my art teacher was right! My ‘busy brain’ continues to think up new creations on a daily basis, so there’s rarely a dull moment!

A partial quote from Henri Matisse says, “An artist should never be a prisoner of himself or style.”

For anyone who is new to polymer clay, try not to back yourself into a corner, but enjoy your journey with exploring and discovering new things, but most important, having big fun!

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